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Nice review of the 2013 Explorer Sport


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That I found the Sport to be a quiet beast in my drive from Chelsea to Westchester County, even over pockmarked highways, was no accident. “Our target customers may have tried the Dodge Durango R/T or Jeep Grand Cherokee V-8 and experienced a certain muscular roughness,” Mr. Corsetti said. “We’re more refined.”

Indeed, the Explorer has something of a split personality. It is as docile and quiet as a Camry in normal driving, but in my test run to Bedford, N.Y., it also revealed a snarl when a lead foot met the accelerator.

According to Bill Gubing, chief engineer for the Explorer, the Sport’s engine is closely related to the EcoBoost V-6 unit offered in the F-150 pickup, although with slightly less power. Improvements on the Sport over the base Explorer include a tuned dual exhaust; wider wheels with performance tires as an option; recalibrated steering gear; and shock, spring and brace modifications to provide more lateral stiffness.

The modifications yield dividends on the road. For a nearly 5,000-pound vehicle, the Explorer Sport handled very well on the twisty roads of suburban New York and Connecticut, with very little body roll. It may not be a Porsche Cayenne, but it’s not a lumbering truck, either... (More in article)