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Nic's '99 Explorer Sport

So I'm just gonna go ahead and redo my list while re-organizing it.

The Day I Got My X


List of things done to it

Stereo: Pioneer AVH-P3200DVD
Replaced Speakers
Sub Amp: Kenwood KAC-7202
Full Interior LED conversion
Blacked Out Emblems
Blacked Out Taillights
1st wreck replaced Hatch and rear bumper
2nd wreck replaced headlights, corner lights, header panel, fender, grill, and hood, and have yet to replace molding on passenger fender
All New Plugs and Wires
New Brakes and calipers
New tires
K&N Cone filter
Flowmaster 50 Series Delta Flow

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4 bolts two per side than just a series of bults around it, pulled it off and painted it

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So Finally got my new exhaust put on, Flowmaster 40 series Delta Flow single in dual out, with tips. He did move the muffler back a little bit the 40 series is only like 13in I think and the back sits almost even with the front leaf spring mount






At Idle

Quick Rev (didn't realize how short it was I'll redo this one pretty soon hopefully)

Hm, I wonder how hard you'd have to bounce that Ex to hit the driver's side tail pipe?

I want a similar setup, only with a dual-in, dual-out muffler.

u should do another video of u reving it and do a drive by video too

So today I was tired of staring at a check engine light yet again (nothing major), and went and got the code pulled, turned out to be 2 seperate ones. One has always been an issue, even before the truck was in my possession, that would be a misfire on cylinder 3, and the stupid P0155, which is a bad heater element in the 02 sesnor, bank 2 sensor 1, so went and got a coil pack off another explorer, thank goodness dad works for an auto recycler cost $0.00 took the old one off put a new one on, and wa-lah no more misfire code, but the P0155 persists, so it looks like I'll be replacing the o2 sensor next check, now only if I could figure out why my airbag light comes on along with the abs

Wow Haven't Updated This in awhile...

So here's a List of Current Mods

Aftermarket OEM Coil
NGK Plugs
Aftermarket Wire
MAF Adapter/K&N Filter
New o2 sensors
Flowmaster 40 series Delta Flow Single in Dual Out

Pioneer AVH-3200DVD
Rockford Fosgate 6.5" Component front Speakers
Kicker Rear Speakers
Kenwood KAC-7202 Subwoofer amp
2 12" Kicker Comp's
Custom designed and built box by myself 4.4-4.5 i don't remember ported tuned to 33Hz
Full LED Conversion
Leather seats out of 01 sport

15% Tint on middle and front windows to match rear factory privacy glass
New Rear Tails Retinted left reverse untinted
One Piece Black Projectors
And a Viper 350 Alarm (installed by myself)

And the best news, after everything has been done, I've consistantly been hitting 20+ mpg in town, still haven't done any highway trips

do u got any update pics of it

Was Gonna take some today, but the camera was dead, so tomorrow I'm gonna try and get some

ok sounds good

Alright well I've had the pictures but havent had time to upload them sorry, so here they are as everything sits now





















ok sounds good


just used my iphone to get the audio then threw it in a video editing program to get something to put on photobucket, not the best mic in the world, I'm goona se if my buddy will let me use oen if his studio mics

I need to look into those headlights, they look great. Nice install on the dual exhaust! I am running Flowmaster Force II catback, a little quiet for my taste.

Yeah ok on the headlights I'll put it the way there was a night and day difference between my stock (no light output on road) and these, I can see the road, these are great for looks, and the highs perform very well, but ifn you don't have good night vision the lows may not what you need them too, and thanks the local exhaust shop did it, I really only trust his work, and the fact that he does ll of my families and extended family in the area exhausts made it an easy decision

overall, do you recommend buying the headlights, i am looking for better lighting on my 1998 because the stock headlights are kinda crappy

Alright little update time, may snap some pics in the next few days,
Now running a Kicker DX1000.1 and 2 12" CVR in a massive box tuned to 35 Hz, probably gonna be redoing box again a little smaller

Got my 200A High Output alternator
Re-wiring amp with kicker 4gauge amp kit(hell of a deal, from a buddy at best buy)
Wiring the alt with either 4gauge or 1/0 gauge(if I have any left)

Next thing on my list in an Optima Yellow Top
Then gonna do a true projector retrofit with my tax return
Then for a new transmission gonna see if I can get my hands on a new trans, want one from a SOHC engine, higher first gear and stronger synchros, actually I'd love to find a way to convert to a cable clutch, hate my hydralic one

and then I don' know, want to lower it a bit but I'm not sure by how much, probably just 2" but don't know how I'd lower the rear, I guess I could block it+

Got the retrofit done, from a distance the lenses looked smoked, but up close they are crystal clear, and the light output is amazing








In the last pic it looks like there's a hot spot, there is really not, complete even light output

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