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A set of the 13.50's would possibly get an evening with the previously mentioned escort service... Just a thought.

Do you guys think i should get an alignment done when swapping from my 33s to my 31s?

yeah. i bought the lifetime firestone alignment and i always go get one when i switch to other sets of tires

got a picture of this difference?

Between a 13.50 and a 10.50? Check out post #8, 4th pic shows this perfectly.

Great pics, Brent!!!

Looking at that pic, I get the idea that maybe 33/13.50 would beat 31/10.50 in the sand or anywhere else, regardless of what it says on the sidewall about mud or dunes. Maybe instead of "summer" and "winter" sets, they should be more like "DD" and "weekend"... just think of the biceps!!! and the back brace, lol!

That dune tread has got to be the coolest... er... or hottest, ever! Did anybody notice the fake beadlocks cast into the rim-protector rubber?! OK, here's the plan: EVERYBODY email and phone nitto headquarters DAILY asking them to make them in 33 & 35" for 15" wheels... and maybe a 'lil deeper tread. ¡Can you imagine!

haha yea i agree really wish they made a 33 or 35 in 15s. So sunday or monday theyre getting put on. I'm gonna miss the humm of the mud grapplers, really need to post up a video of their sound. I know these dune grapplers are gonna be super quiet but i want to preserve the longevity of the mud grapplers.

Pics from over the weekend, here are some comparisons

My 33x12.50x15 spare compared to the dune grapplers in 31x10.50x15

33x13.50 - 33x12.50 - 31x10.50

I love both of these tread patterns

In the process of swapping out tires









Tires are super quiet but i dont like the idea of downsizing but its only temporary.