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January 6, 2000
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now in Raleigh,nc
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99 sport 4.0 sohc
I was just wondering if there was anyone the the new york-new jersey area that would be able to let me know were I can do some off roading

any information would be appreaceated

please e-mail me


Come on down...

I am not familiar with upper NJ or NY but I live in Southern NJ. Right across from Philadelphia. There is a group of us that get together and do some four wheeling in the Philadelphia area. Check out the Piney run thread and my home page for some pics of our past trips. You are just a little to late. I will be leaving for Arizona in 1 week and probably will not have time to 4 wheel with ya. But do not worry I leave you in good hands. Right TANK, TOM WILKS, EMSTAXI and J91FORD. Can you help this lost sole out.

Im from the philly area and would love for another explorer to hit the trails with the more explorers the better :D

do you have a lift on you explorer?

I know of alot of challenging trails here in pa some in NJ
Im going to check out some trails Friday in NJ (the Hidden Lakes)(I hope i get my truck back from the shop in time)

there are many trails around here i think we should set up a run sometime soon there are some trails here in Pa (Langhorn) called the "Double Bridges" and I realy want to see what emstaxi can do, he always impresses me every time we go out.