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No 2nd gear 5R55W


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September 4, 2009
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St. Petersburg, Florida
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2003 Explorer Eddie Bauer
Today I replaced my solenoid block, 9qt of fluid, filter and installed new servos from

I was able to adjust my intermediate band (I think), but not my OD band. I snapped my wrench trying to break it free. I also installed my new solenoid block without soaking it in ATF first. I was going to but it just slipped my mind.

During my test drive it shifted fine for a couple of minutes, but then made a squeaking sound and now won't shift into 2nd. I'm assuming I adjusted the intermediate band incorrectly. Does that sound like the problem?

I can still drive it in 1st, 2nd and 3rd from the column.

2nd gear in this thing is really a overdriven 1st, so what happens is it starts off in 1st gear then the overdrive band is applied to give you a overdriven 1st, then second is really 3rd and so on, that how they make it a 5 speed. So the problem is the overdrive band is not coming on.

I would recheck your overdrive band adjustment, it might be loose because the new servo might not have indexed the band cleat properly and hopefully now it fell into place and the band is loose.

There is always a chance with these that the new solenoid block is faulty, I have had a few. I wouldn't worry about soaking it I don't think that does anything.

That is good information to know. I wasn't actually able to adjust the overdrive band. The bolt was frozen and my wrench broke. It is still set where it was before. Hopefully it's just that. It'll be tightened on Monday by a transmission shop and *hopefully* operate correctly.

As far as the Solenoid block goes, I tested it before I installed it and everything checked out.

Thanks for the input, it really set my mind at ease.