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No 4x4 lights come on - manual hubs


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October 18, 2002
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Toronto, Ontario
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'93 XLT
No 4x4 - light comes on - manual hubs

93 xlt - Was working great till I let my truck sit in the snow for 2 weeks...

I have warn manual hubs and a cleanup x-case motor.

4x4 Light comes on when I press 4x4 high.... don't really hear anything ... when I put it in 4x4 low I hear a noise from the x-case (4x4 low light comes on)... sounds like the correct noise.

The manual hubs were very frozen up, but they did turn with a little trouble.

I have it parked inside right now thawing out and will try it again (snowing outside as I write this).

Could it be that the manual hubs were frozen and didn't engage?

Suggestions on what to check?

Thanks, Chris B


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November 19, 1999
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Brewster, NY
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1999 XLS
If you are getting the light, hearing the click from the rear and feel the clunk from the transfer case, then I'd say it's the hubs. Start with them, then work backwards.