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No AC, A/C cycling switch ?

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I have a 99 Explorer Sport
My A/C worked Last summer and this spring I just turned it on and noticed it just blows air. The compresor clutch is NOT cycling. I bought one those self charge kits, connected it to the low side it had 40-45psi, ok according to the guage.

A/C cycling switch on the Accumulator/Drier? I noticed the commpresor clutch does not go on at all. I unpluged the connector on the A/C Cycling switch, jumped the connector and boom, the clutch on the compresor kicks in. Is it possible that the problem lies within the A/C cycling switch and or low refrigerent and NOT the A/C presure cut off switch on the Compressor itself?

Are A/C cycling switches common to failure?

The A/C Cycling switch contacts are supposed to open when pressure drops to 22-28 psi and close at 40-47 psi.
Now given that on the gauge I had 40+ psi and the clutch only went on when Jumped, I suspect my cycling switch is stuck on open position and therefore not energizing the compresor clutch, Hmmm. Thoughts?

The Cycling Switch runs $15-$25 should I just give it a whirl? It's not that expensive, I just did'nt want to start throwing parts in:confused:

Thanks in advance to any responses.

Whats the high pressure side reading? It may be overcharged if you charged it up recently.

I no longer have manifold gauges to check both sides basicly I figured since it worked well last summer it may be low, went to a local auto parts store bought the recharge kit that comes with gauge the shows where your at pressure wise on the low side I'm believe being thats where directions stated to connect the the can. I't read full so I did not proceed to charge the system. I just jumped the switch to make sure I did not have a compressor/ clutch problem.

OK update, I got a set of gauges hooked them up here's what I had

70 Degrees Ambiant Temp Today

25- 30 Low side
140-145 Hiigh side
65 degrees out of the vents
The compressor started cycling litlle by little
I replaced the A/C Cycling switch
Recharged with 2 small cans of 134
The compressor started cycling little by little and finally seemed to cycle at normal state as I Charged.
Readings are now
35 - 40 psi Low side
145 - 150 psi Hi side
38 - 40 degrees comming out of the center vents.

I will drive the vehicle for a few days and see what happens:cool:
Are my readings close to what spec should be?