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No Air Flow (Very Little) From Any Duct


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January 9, 2012
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'97 Explorer Sport
I come to you fellow Explorer fiends because this one stumps the hell out of me. I have a 97 Sport 4.0 x that for some reason, intermittently, I will get absolutely no air flow from any of the HVAC outputs. So I did a little research and came across Turdle's thread for the air only coming out of the defrost duct.
However I have no air coming out of any duct, well very little anyway. The blower does work and from time to time, very randomly, I get full air out of any duct I choose but seems to diminish to next to nothing within minutes. Anyone ever have this issue? If so I sure would like to know what your fix was for it so I can fix mess.

Thank You and the puppy Thanks You as well!!


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could be one of several things. could be the fan is on it's way out and only working intermittently, in conjunction with that, the blower resister just beneath and to the right of the blower fan may need to be replaced. Lastly you might have a vacuum leak keeping it from going to the other setting for directional air control. Can all these things fail at one time?..... Yes!

Easy fix for all three of those conditions. Pull the fan electrical plug and check the fan wiring for corrosion around the fan plug and where it connects to. If there is no corrosion hook the fan up to a 12 volt connection straight from the battery, if it works then you are looking at a relay that could be on the brink of going out, if the fan does not work with the straight lead's from the battery you will need a new blower. while you are there doing that replace the resister also. Vacuum leak fix: to check for vacuum getting to the firewall and too your control unit, take the glove box out, just pull and release the 2 tabs on the sides of the glove box and let it hang there look through the space where the glove box was and look at the vacuum canister there look for movement when you switch the dial to max air, with the truck running, if the vacuum canister moves to open the cab vent then you have vacuum to the control head if not it could be the control head switch itself gone bad or a leak in the vacuum system itself, if you are a handy person, to "check" all theses things will take under an hour of your time. to "fix" these things, if you have the new parts already about 2 hours. The vacuum system is easy to check and depending where the leak is will be easy to fix as most of the under hood lines are easily accessible to you. The vacuum canister will be the hardest one to get to as it is under the air box on the right front well on my 98 sport I believe it is the same for yours. Try that and please let the group know what the fix was. Thanks

After pulling everything apart for cleaning and inspecting I didn't find anything wrong however the air (heat/cold) is flowing thru all ports as directed. I don't think just pulling it apart and cleaning fixed the original problem but only time will tell as I am hopeful not to have this happen again. But as I am sure it will I will do further investigation at that time and update as to what I find.


Don't be so sure, you might have had corroded connections on your plugs and that cleaning may have been all they needed. Well here's hoping for the best for you.