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No bass......


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August 1, 2002
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Fairhaven, Ma
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97 Limited AWD V8
I have no bass from my JBL system. I know the sub puts out all the bass and the rest of the speakers are blocked from the low sound.
So........I check the works fine
I change the subwoofer amp [same sub-amp in my SHO Taurus]..still no bass!!!
What now? Is the HU bad? I don't what to replace the whole system.

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I assume the amp is getting power. If it is then I would check the rca wires next. Over time they have a tendency of not working anymore. If that isnt it I would pull the subs out of the box and make sure all of the wires inside are still connected properly.

If that doesnt work let me know.

Nope, no RCA wires on a stock system. Sounds like your sub is blown. Happened the same thing with me. I got a Rockford 6 1/2" sub to replace it. Works great since.

Wow I need to go home work is killing me. I completely forgot that the explorer's came with jbl's. I thought you had an aftermarket system. 96 is right its prob. your sub.

hey i replaced my speakers in the car doors and the reciever does the base still get blocked out/.i think iknow the answer to that one. also
i got two twleves n a new amp for it . woudl it be worth gettng a rockford 6 n a half for it? would it make a diference./? how about a nwew sub amp to go with it . i dont kow if the two twelves will oevr power it or it will all just combine to make it louder. i was told once that its not a good idead

How did you test the sub? Maybe it's the wiring to the sub. Are any fuses blown?
i got two twleves n a new amp for it . woudl it be worth gettng a rockford 6 n a half for it?
If you plan on adding 2 12's just thow out the factory garbage. You won't be able to hear it anyways. Spend you money on something you need, like cables.

I tested the sub on another radio.....
There is power to the amp....
The rest of radio works fine!

Is there a fuse in the radio control [next to the sub amp] which powers it?