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No blinkers - front parking lights get brighter when braking


February 10, 2005
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Rochester Hills, Michigan
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2000 Mountaineer
Well I just bought a 1992 Ranger and only issue I've found so far might land me with a ticket very soon so I want to get it solved asap. Previous owner did a front end conversion with a newer style ranger and swapped out the headlights/marker lights. He utilized all of the stock wiring in the new lights. All parking lights and brake lights work as normal...

However when you step on the brake, not only do the brake lights come on, but so do the turn signal indicators on the dash, as well as the brighter of the front market light filaments. As a related issue, the turn signals do not work. They do not even illuminate the marker lights. I know the high-beams, flash to pass, and wipers work just fine. I am at work now and cannot check the operation of the hazards, but can do that when i get home...

From this info, does it sound like the multifunction switch is bad? What else should I take a look at to properly diagnose this?


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I would start with what somebody did, not what ford did. IMO. I know its dumb, but I had a jeep where the trailer plug was wired wrong and back fed thru. What happened was someone wired a 4 prong connector and shorted the taillight wiring The blinkers were tied to the brake lights. (front and rear) Hit the brakes, everything came on. blinkers where grounded some how and didn't work at all.

The multifunction switch could explain the problem, but so could butchered wiring. The switch would be a good spare part anyway, so maybe I would swap that first. Figuring out the wiring is going to be PIAx5.

Well it ended up being the switch along with some "mis-placed" wiring. I determined the correct electrical flow of the switch and found that two wires had been swapped.

I put a new switch in and no longer had the problem of everything lighting up... but still had no blinkers. Corrected wiring and now everything works!

That had to be a lot of work, good job!