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No brake lights/ to turn signals.


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July 12, 2016
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2007 Ford Explorer
I have an 07 Ford Explorer XLT. The main issue I am having is: my brake lights and turn signals do not work in the rear. Which is cause the car to not come out of park. I can get the car our of gear by bypassing the safety switch under the cup holders. However, I do not have voltage to my back lights at all. I have tested for voltage when the brakes are depressed, I get nothing. I get 12 volts when the headlights are turned on and the running lights in the back are work. The bulb also illuminates when the halo lights are on. But I have no brake lights or turning signals or flashers (when depressed). I have checked all the fuses, they all pass, both Ohms and Diode tested. I have replaced the brake switch, which I might have received a bad one, after testing the old one. I am lost and have no idea where to look next. I started hand over handing the wires from the rear light, but I only made it through to the middle seat.

Does any have any ideas, because I am lost. Thank you.

Bill MacLeod

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November 18, 2000
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Hamilton, Ontario
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06 Ltd V-8
Do you have power to the Brake Pedal Position Switch? Wiring diagram (2006) shows a brown/red stripe wire from the smart junction box (SJB) to the brake pedal switch.