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no cel no start 93 explorer


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January 6, 2007
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93 sport
93 explorer no cel cranks fine no spark to plugs no power to fuel pump.All fuses, relays and fuel pump have been checked,all ok.Does the absence of the check engine light indicate the eec has taken a dump or could it be the ignition switch.I have checked all the wires at the power dist. box under the hood all tight any help would be appriciated. thanks cam68:(

Yes, a bad ignition switch is a possibility.

How did you test the relays, specifically the EEC relay? If you're not certain the ignition switch is good, and the ignition switch is what powers the coil side of the EEC relay, I'm a little uncertain how you know the EEC relay functions.

As I see it, no spark, no CEL before start, no fuel pump all point to a problem in the computer's main power supply circuit. That's where I'd be looking.