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No control of air vents


March 25, 2005
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va bch
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96 explorer sport
IN my 1996 explorer I cant adjust where the air comes out. When I turn on my blower motor the air comes out of the defroster, the vents and the leg vents, its like the door will not shut properly to direct the air to where I choose. Is%2

They're vacuum operated. See if you can find a loose vac line under the hood.

when the air comes out of the defroster, you have a vacuum leak somewhere. the defrosters are the default setting when you lose vacuum (and it doesn't take much of a leak).

do the vacuum lines in question that connect to the climate control run behind the radio to the glovebox out to the vacuum canister in the engoine bay? Are they the only ones? The max A/C door works OK so I assume the cannister in the enigne bay is working as it should.