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No display, Overhead Console


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January 20, 2006
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Los Angeles
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1998 XLT 5.0
1998 Explorer XLT, Overhead console temperature,compass went out. No display at all . Can anyone tell me where to start troubleshoot.

I have a set of replacement electronics for sale for it:)

Same Problem

I have the same problem with my '99. Map lights and auto headlamps work fine. No problem with fuse. Removed display and didn't see anything burned out on circuit board. And I did press the mode button to see if maybe I had just turned it off. Any help apprieciated.

I hope you actually "checked" the fuse... not just looked at it but also measured it to ensure that it is good. The message center has two power sources, one is hot in "run mode" and the other is "hot at all times".... check to see that you have power at the circuit board on both.