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No Heat Problem


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November 2, 2009
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98 Explorer V8 EB
1998 Ford Explorer EB V8
No heat
Heater Control Valve functions normally (in and out)
Heater hoses are both warm to hot after truck warms up
Heater core fluids pass through both directions (garden hose test)
Fan rises and falls based on set temperature (cold vent, hot (cold) floor
Vehicle temperature mid point when warmed up
Everything seems to work fine but no warm air!

Please tell me I've missed something and at the same time, please tell me its not the dreaded blend door problem! BTW, how can I test the blend door condition?

Ideas and thoughts appreciated!

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Sounds like you got the problem right to me. sigh.

Yep, I just didn'want to be first to say it.

I agree that it is most likely the blend door. It wasn't that hard to do, just scared to cut into the bottom.
Link below was great, however don't know what happended to the wonderful photos that Magicland did.

To test the actuator, you need to remove glove box to access the top where the acutator is. Mine (97) had three screws and the rear one is a real &@#!* to get to. I understand the newer ones snap in place.

Sounds like the blend door, but another problem could be the amount of coolent flow threw the heater core. Within the lower tube there is a filter that slides in. If that is partially clogged it can limited the amount of flow causing the heater core to not come to full tempurture.