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No Mode 6 Data


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April 9, 2014
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Los Angeles CA
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2002 xlt
Greetings gen 3 enthusiasts
I have an early production 2002 XLT 4X4 that i recently took to get smogged. The vehicle failed inspection due to a lack of power to pin 16 on the OBD II diagnostic connector (no communication/mode 6 data). I did a pin test and found that there was power to the orange wire but when I hooked up my genisys touch the message "no communication" is displayed. when the scanner was trying to connect to the PCM a clicking sound occurred in the area of the center of the dash panel. there are no factory relays there. so I removed the dash panel and found that there is an aftermarket alarm or something resembling an alarm wired in to the harness. Has anyone had this problem?

Also, basic OBD II functionality is working, i can pull and erase codes.

I appreciate it