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no more 3rd?


April 4, 2007
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i have a 1991 explorer 4x4 w/ (i think) the a4ld auto.

i installed this (used) tranny (almost a year ago) and it never did shift into overdrive. i assumed it was a solenoid issue, but it is only used to deliver mail so we rarely need to use overdrive anyway, so i didnt worry about it.

the other day, it just stopped shifting out of 1st while my wife was driving it on her mail route.
if i put it in "2" it will shift into 2nd, and then i can put it into "d" and it will stay in 2nd but wont go up into 3rd if in "d" or od.

any ideas?

Overdrive, and the TCC are the only 2 things which are electrically controlled on this transmission. Have you checked the modulator for leaking fluid, and the band adjustment? You could have a broken band if it can't be adjusted. When was the last time you replaced the fluid, and the filter? Was it last year when you installed this used transmission? How many miles are on this used transmission? It could be a valve body issue.

the last fluid/filter change was at install.

i dont even know what the modulator is or how to adjust band.

as for mileage, all i have is the 'ole "the guy said" around 70,000

with all the problems this ive been having lately im thinking i need a replacement explorer.
(my wife only wants explorers for her mail route. she likes the room in back and the space on the dash right in front of the passenger - where she sits when delivering. myself i just wonder why there is only 1 cupholder)