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No more pinstripes!!!!!!!

Well I finally got around to taking of the pinstripes and 4x4 logo. Oh yeah and washing it!!!!


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pics no worky!

My pics working now first time ive posted pics



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lol OK give me a quick explanation on how that was accomplished.

Nice :D I was planning on joining next month after I pay for school.

I just added them together using Photoshop. Then attached it.

Anyway.. truck looks awesome! I took mine off a while back as well. I also did my molding which really cleans up the body lines too. Plus, it doesn't hold all that dirt in there anymore. And it looks like you like to get yours dirty. :D

hey looks real nice how did u take off the pinstriping? i tryed 2 take it off w/a razor blade but i did a chip on the paint so i stopped imediately. good thing i tried it in the back. makes ur truck look more sleek.

I took off my pinstripes on my '94 and i love the look, used a hairdryer to heat it up then peeled it off with my fingers and all came of in one piece. I am in the process of taking off my side mouldings, never seem have enough time to do it all at once...

Question, when you took off the pin stripes and decals, did they leave a mark where they were? I have an '00 and thinking about removing mine, but don't want to see any marks where they were, since the paint may have faded a little.

Should have no problem Twizard. I just left mine out in the sun one day and came out and decided to peel them off. I just used my fingernail to get under the end and then just peeled it away no problem. Took altogether of 5 minutes to do the whole thing. Then to get any little bit of sticky residue off i used mineral spirits on a terry cloth towel. Worked like a charm. And i didnt notice any paint fade diffs either. Like section 525 said. If you really want to clean the lines up then remove the side moldings. I dont know for sure about your year. But i know my year they were held on by double sided sticky 3M tape. I just got some fishing line out and peeld the plastic off and then just stretched the tape away at an angle from the doors and it was off in about an hour too. And then cleaned it up too with mineral spirits. Man does it change the way the truck looks. Plus it also leaves one less place for dirt and grime to hide.

Thanks for the info rocket, I may try it.