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no one seems to know???

Will H

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July 1, 2006
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2005 explorer
Im looking to get 20's for my 05 4x4 explorer. But i cant find anyone that can tell me the factory offset of my stock 17's. Also if anyone knows this can they tell me if a +35 offset wheel will not look right. wheel and tire size 275/45/20 and 20x8.5. :frustrate

yes, 35mm is the offset for the 20x8.5. and actually you'd be suprised that the factory offest for a 15/16x7 offset is about the same. thing is that you're worried about is the backspacing...factory wheels have less backspacing than most 20" wheels. this is so the 20's won't rub on your suspension...blah blah blah... offset is a little diff. just do a search and you'll find the reliable source.

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