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no overdrive/soloniod #3 qwestion


My 95 EX EB
November 16, 2008
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pine grove ca
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pine grove, ca.
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91 xlt 95 ex eb
1995 ex eb 4.0 ohv 4r55e . i have no overdrive. trans mission has been over hauled twice in two yrs. obd 1 codes are 641 soleniod # 3 circut not complete. what is the function of soleniod #3?

Solenoid 3 applies the output overdrive band when the transmission shifts from 1st gear to second and from fourth gear to fifth (Overdrive). So if your code says that the circuit is incomplete, the PCM is not detecting any voltage in the circuit when it grounds the solenoid circuit. So it is also expecting that the input shaft speed/output shaft speed ratio is not changing when the solenoid circuit is grounded, too.Probably a wiring or solenoid open circuit. I would swap out the solenoid and while I have the pan off, thoroughly verify continuity of the wiring from the solenoid to the plug junction then the 2 wires from the plug to the pcm, which are pins 7 (SSC ground) and 10 (Shift Solenoids power). You can also experience no OD if the band tang breaks off, but you would get a different code that detects only the failure to change the input/output ratio.