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No power to blend door actuator


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September 24, 2016
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Bellevue, WA.
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2001 Ford Explorer 5.0
I'm sure there's probably been a lot of posts that talked about the Blend door actuator but I never got the answer. So, guess this will be another one. My question: why is there no power going to the blend door actuator in my 2001 Ford Explorer even if the fuses are good? Please help! Spent all day pulling that darn thing out!
Thanks in advance!

I had this problem on one of my 2000 Mountaineers last fall. It has the automatic HVAC controls. It turned out the EATC unit was bad. Check with forum member LoquetusofBorg. He's amassing quite a collection of EATC units. Maybe he has a spare to sell.