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No power to radio 2003 explorer xlt


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July 16, 2012
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baltimore, maryland
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2003 explorer xlt
get in truck and no power to radio. Checked #28 fuse 5 amp and looks good. Still no power. After driving 2 hrs radio comes on but no controls work on it. Can not even power off.
When I turn off car open door radio stays on. Remove fuse radio stays on. Had to disconnect battery.
Start truck to leave and no power to radio. Fuse still out. Any ideas?? Thanks. steve

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Maybe battery saver relay?

I think the radio is fried, lol.

Which do you have? Standard or the premium with subwoofer?

This is for the standard:


I have the standard.... May try a junk yard to get another.. Thanks for the reply!

Truck has 272,000 miles on it. She is winding down.. Ordered one from ebay for $23.... Thanks again....