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No Rear Heat


June 4, 2012
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Central KY
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2003 Ford Explorer XLT4.6
03 with Rear Air and AC works fine as well as all controls roof and floor switching but ho heat when turned to hot, even with both switches turned to hottest setting and neither floor or roof vents will blow warm air, straight cold air!!

Any help!!


The first thing i would check would be the heater control valve, also make sure anti-freeze is where it should be.

If your talking in engine compartment, fluid is flowing past valve and heat up front just not rear. I will take panel off back of compartment later when I have a chance to lool and see if there is antifreeze running through rear heater core. I was wondering if there is a rear valve that switches from hot to cold...

If you hear a clicking noise coming from the driver side rear interior panel, it could be the Rear Blend Door Actuator.


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Good luck with the fix & Happy Exploring. :biggthump

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