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no reverse with a whine when in reverse


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March 20, 2014
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98 explorer
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98 explorer xlt 4x4
V6 sohc

I was backing out of my driveway today, got to the end and heard a slight pop. No more reverse.

After reading around a little i tried manual 1st and have no engine brake when i let off.

My main question is i now have a tranny whine only in reverse. Could this be a gasket or something that knocked out reverse and is causing the whine?

Actually sounds like the reverse band broke. How many miles? The 5r55e trannies are known good for that, as are the 4r55e.


Bought it thinking id get 220xxx before the tranny died

Went out and dropped the the pan (why not put a drain plug to avoid all the mess?) And its the reverse band.

Anyone have experience swapping trannies in these? Anything to watch out for? What years are interchangeable?