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No Rubbing Zone!

Ok, So I am trying to do my research before I go spending 1k on new tires.

I have a 3" procomp suspension lift with 265/70/17 wheels/tires currently.

The front fender had to be slightly trimmed in order to not rub, and it hasn't ever Rubbed on me.

However I do not like how the wheels do not come out as far as the factory fender flairs do so I am trying to get the wheels wider so I sont have to use wheel spacers.

I want: 285/70/17

I am not fully understanding of all the tire lingo but the 'Sticky' thread states:

1-2 inch suspension lift - 32x11.50x15 on 15x8 rim/ may require some extensive fender trimming

And I am confused.

I have 17" wheels not 15 so I am not sure on how to use this.

I tried using a tire size calculator to help me with fitment issues, but It is still way over my head.

What do I need to do in order to get 285/70/17 to fit my 2000 ford explorer eddie bauer 2wd?

It has a 3" procomp lift right now, and the front fenders are slightly trimmed in the front.


Anyone? I dont want to get the 285/70/17 to find out they wont work. I would rather find out if they will work before I put out the $.

You have 265's on now.? Thats the width of the tires in millimeters. So I would find a way to measure 275, or 285 and see if they would rub, by turning the wheel and measuring out from the back of the wheel. I have 265/70/16 with small TB twist and not even close to rubbing. But I herd that the sports have larger front wheel wells ... so I don't know if you'll be able to get wider tires without have to trim the front bumper alittle

Try this site, It has a visual representation of your tire/wheel sizes. Its not too fancy, but it helps to get a handle on how tire sizes work. 285/70/17 is basically a 33" tire. You are going to need more lift to fit it. Since you are 2wd you can crank your Torsion bars as much as you want with no ill effects, other than making the truck ride a little stiffer. Do the Warrior shackle/TT lift. The shackles will get you 1.5" or so in the rear, and you crank the Tbar bolts to match that in the front. And it'll only cost you about $70 or so, plus a couple hours under the truck turning wrenches. You should be able to fit that tire without any issues after that. Keep in mind though that every truck is a little different, these are just general guidelines. Info on the Warrior shackle/TT here:
Hopefully this helps you out a little.

Don't be afraid to use the search feature!

I think I already have a tt done. I took it into the local 4-wheeling store and the put the procomp suspension lift onto it.

how do i know if the did it or not? besides asking them (They have horrible customer service)