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No Sound???????


August 25, 2002
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detroit, MI
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98 XLT 4X4
I Just wired my HU and installed it but it lights up and is on but there's no sound. Is it because of the stock amp which is still hooked up? Should I bypass it and then the sound will arrive?? Or did I wire the HU wrong?? Please help!!!

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Get a amp bypass kit:D

I have a 98 and I had the same problem. I bet you didnt wire up the amp. You have to hook it up to the remote wire coming off the HU to turn it on. It wont power up with no power.

Do u know what color the remote wire is?? This is my first installation, so im tryin to learn. Do I just leave the back amp alone? The amp turn-on wire is blue with a white stripe what do I attach that to??

Its been a while since I did mine but, yes, I think its that black wire. That has to be hooked up to the blue/white wire.

What does that black wire say on it? does it say 'amp ground' or just 'amp'?

your new hu will sound much better without the stock amp. use the bypass kit.

How much is the bypass kit like 20 bucks??? The blue-white wire attached to the head unit or the blue-white wire attached to the wiring kit and do I attach it to the black wire that says amp ground or amp turn on???
The black wire attached to the HU is attached currently to the black wire from the wire harness kit called chassis ground?
Sorry, If I sound stupid

um, i just followed the instructions that came with the kit.

I honestly dont remember what I did with mine. I know there was one black wire left on the wiring harness that you had to buy (not the one that came with the HU, it should have 9 wires total) and I'm pretty sure I connected that to the blue/white wire coming out of the HU.

Thanx guys it works now. However, I'm still going to get the amp bypass kit. Once I install the bypass kit do I have to go back to the wiring attached to the HU and disconnect the cables for the amp.

not sure. what did you do to make it work?

I tied the blue-white wire to the black wire and the sound magically appeared. Do I have to take apart this wiring in order for the amp bypass to work or can I just leave the wiring as is???

Also, which amp bypass kit shoud I buy? This for a premium amp...not jbl. Also, how much is the bypass kit?

Remote wire is blue or blue white most of the time!