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No Start after 3 Inch Body lift


May 20, 2014
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1999 Explorer XLS 4.O OHV
I have searched all over and only found that the body lift causes shifting to be tight. I have a automatic transmission and after completing the body lift it would not start I went underneath and manually put the transmission in Park and it started right up took it for a drive and when I put it in Park the shift cable broke, so i had my wife step on the brake while I went under and manually put in park. Only problem is now the truck will not start in Park or neutral. Anybody ever have this problem or know where to start? I know I need a new cable. But why will it not start if I go underneath and put the transmission in Park or Neutral?

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I agree

Did you somehow inadvertently set off your pats system? Set that little ******* off and proceed to wait 8 hours for it to reset.

Is it cranking or not doing anything. Check for voltage at starter try jumping starter solenoid with it in park with ebrake on. If you can check that I will help you do a pinpoint test to find the issue. It can be a number of things because you have pulled the wires on most systems. I am a ford employee so can help.