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No start issue -97 sport 4.0 SOHC - maybe fuel related?


May 13, 2011
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New Jersey
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1997 Sport Vermillion
Coming up to a stop sign, she just died. a few hours later, it started, got 3 miles, then died again, and still wont start.
checked for fuel at the shrader valve on the fuel rail. It's there but not in a pressurized stream, fuel flows out weakly - when turning the key, not with the engine running.

Had a code saying the cam position sensor was bad. I change that. Also the fuel pump is new, fuel filter and fuel pump relay is new. the crank position sensor is 2 years old. The inertia switch seems to be in the correct position, button not poped up.

I sprayed starting fluid in the throttle body, and the engine tried to kick over. So this seems to be a fuel delivery problem I'm guessing? I dont have a fuel pressure guage, but since it wont run, no sure what good it will do.

I was going to change the fuel pressure regulator next - basically just shotgunning part replacement.

Any ideas? Thanks!

If I were you I'd do a compression test before spending any more money on parts. SOHC's often just jump time and die. Then they're junk.

What brand of fuel pump was installed? Airtex fuel pumps are crap. You should be seeing 35 PSI at the fuel rail. If you're not the fuel pump is most likely at fault. Test the pressure with a pressure gauge.

BTW - A bad cam position sensor will not stop the engine from running. A bad crank position sensor (or its wiring) will prevent the engine from running because you would have any spark. This is easy to test for.

Do yourself a favor and do some diagnosis before spending money on parts you don't need.