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No start/no crank


September 19, 2009
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1998 Explorer XLT
I have been having a problem with the 98 not starting the last couple of days.

Putting the key in and turning it does not crank every time. I am thinking maybe it is a bad ignition switch but not sure.

After turning the key a few times the doors will unlock and lock but no crank. Sometimes it will start after putting the key in and out a few times.

All lights and radio work when this condition happens, just no crank. The starter is new and the battery is also.

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Check your grounds.

Sounds like ignition cylinder is on its way out.

I was kinda hoping that's what it wasn't. How does that need to be replaced with the anti-theft?

I was just out messing with it and noticed that the gear selector indicator does not align well with the letters on the dash. I know that when put into park sometimes I have to manually push the lever up to get the key out. How do you realigned the shift linkage to get it set right?

Could this be a part of the problem?

Well I have the lower panel off the dash and got the indicator tightened up. Didn't really seem to make a difference. I pulled the tumbler and was playing with that a little. I also will be changing out the ignition switch tomorrow.

Is there any adjustment for the shift cable down at the trans?

I'm not in anyway a noob to auto repair, I have worked on and repaired every vehicle I have ever owned over the last 18 years. The only part I have never messed with is rebuilding auto transmissions.

We have had this X for 6 years now and it has 177,000 miles on it. The only things I had to fix has been the alternator, starter, ball joints, front hubs, and exhaust. Need an exhaust again but that may be in another thread. Stupid dual in single out mufflers anyways! Probably will just make my own set up for that though.

If your shift linkage is out of adjustment, that could keep you from starting it (Transmission range sensor must be in P or N to start). Does it start if you hold the shift lever up into Park?

IIRC the shift linkage is adjusted down at the transmission, but I don't know for sure.

Nothing seems to be for sure yet. I have tried to move the shift lever when trying to start it and one time it started but the rest it did not. I pulled the ignition switch and messed with that but nothing, so I will try and replace that.

Ok so I changed the ignition switch and it still is doing the same thing. Sometimes it starts right up and then nothing, still not cranking most of the time.