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No trailer lights Problems Truck side


December 29, 2008
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Ogen Utah
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93 xlt
So here is the deal I installed my 4 prong trailer lights plug(truck side) and it is correct according to my light tester plus the LED read out on the trailer light plug itself. However when i plug it in to my trailer I get nothing but the relays in the rear compartment start to chatter with the corresponding signal. Now the lights on the Explorer itself remain on and unaffected but the trailer light plug(truck side) is dead but only when I plug it in to the trailer. and or use the tester. NO break lights, marker lights, turn signals… nothing and this is on any trailer I hook up to. Its not the trailer… The trailer works great with any other truck. I have replaced the relays and that made no change, also all fuses are accounted for and ok also triple checked the ground. Any suggestions.

does the plug ( truck side) look like this ?

i kinda ran into the same problem that you got a couple of days ago ....wanted to get the x trailer ready and ran into a problem withthe color code the plug came with as apposed to the connector under the bumper.

i vm tested the whole set of pins on the bumper connector and tho it's still not right i can at least use the trailer and all the lights/blinkers work on the trailer but i have no running light when the headlight switch is on ....i think it's becaasue of the type of plug i bought ( the led's on the plug that indicated whats on (( kinda a test function of the plug )) are what are casueing the problem . but this is how i got mine wired .....

o x
[o x
o x
o x

the " [ " is the clip side of the harness and the " x " is the pins on that side i found that worked ...sorry as to the color code i would have to un-wrap the whole thing ( electrical tape) to see but this side of the plug worked .

so, as it is i can haul a trailer in the day but not at night ,i guess i can live with that instead of paying $30 + for a 1 ft' wire with plugs on it :rolleyes:

Check the ground connection on the truck connector. Trace the wire(s) back to where it actually connects to the frame/engine/etc. "Some" ground will give you an OK VM test, but if it's a poor connection (or wire in the path), it can fail under load.