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No Vent Control!


December 14, 2011
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2001 Ford Explorer XLT
So unlike everyone else who only have A/C through defrost I am unable to get heat through just defrost or just floor vents. Actually, I have almost no control over the vents. For Max A/C and A/C it just comes out of all vents and for every other setting it comes out of the dash vents. The OFF setting works though and so does the fan control and temperature control.

Is this vacuum related or is my HVAC control panel thing bad?

I know that this post is a year old but I thought I would chime in since I too am having the same problem. I fixed my recirc door a couple days ago and WOW what a difference it made. Now I'm having an issue with being able to direct heat to the floor. I will have the selector set to 4 and will get barely anything coming thru floor vents and a blast of air coming thru the defrost. So I decided to investigate :scratch: Low and behold I found the culprit! The door that blocks air to go thru the defrost and vice/versa has fallen too! :help: So now I will have to take the dash down once again to fix this problem. Not looking forward to it, but once I tackle it I will try and do a write up and take pics so everyone can see what I'm talking about.