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Noise at shift change 5r55w


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December 12, 2011
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Please Help with 5r55s transmission

So as you can see above I went from a flashing OD light, to finding a damaged spot on the separator gasket. Replaced separator gasket and fluid, to broke pump.

Now I have installed re-manufactured. Pump, another new filter, new fluid and an inline filter coming from the radiator/trans cooler back to transmission and new converter.

Truck is now going down the road on its own. Seems to shift OK. NO OD light flashing, HOWEVER--

I now have a whine / growl noise at shifts. This most of the times happens on medium to hard accelerations. No noticeable noise at idle.

Don't want to put words in ones mouths but could this be something to do with the in line filter? Or what do you think? Sounds a little like pump cavitation but I'm not sure.

The filter is a inline transmission filter. Will have to get the make but it is for transmission fluid and is to some degree a magnetic type filter.

It is a raybestos powertrain magnetic inline filter and Looks pretty much like this one.
(dead link)

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remote ATF filter

I installed an engine oil remote full flow filter in the external ATF cooling loop of my 5R55E and experienced no noticeable shift noises. I looked thru the 5R55W/S manual and found a transmission fluid temperature (TFT) sensor just like in my 5R55E. However, I didn't notice a valve to control the ATF external cooling loop. On the 5R55E the loop is supposed to open when the ATF in the torque converter reaches 150 degrees F. The 5R55W/S may be the same. If so, and the noise you're hearing is due to the filter, it should only occur when the ATF is warm. On my Sport I have to drive for about 20 minutes before the TFT reaches 150 degrees F.

By the way, your link to the filter didn't work for me.

My separator plate and gasket

Separator plate

With above stated noise I was thinking cavitation of the pump. Put clear tubing in line from transmission cooler. I have flow but when in drive and a little throttle I have bubbles in the clear line. Is this because or low fluid? Overfilled? or something else?

Please anyone