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Noise Coming From Passenger Side Rear 07 Mountaineer AWD


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November 19, 2010
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Phoenix, AZ
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07 Mountaineer PremierAWD
Hey guys its been awhile since I been on here but I would definitely appreciate the help in figuring out what the hell this noise is coming from my truck. I went out of town for two weeks and let a friend borrow my 2007 Mercury Mountaineer AWD Premier. She ended up catching a curb with the passenger side rear wheel. Ever since then when I get around 40mph you hear a sound like pennies swirling around a metal can until 46mph then the sound tapers off. Now if the passenger side windows are up and the drivers side windows are down you very faintly hear the sound but if the passenger side windows are down the sound is very prominent. So I had the Ford dealer check it over while it was in for an oil change in the quicklane. There tech told me it was the exhaust that I had just installed. So I took the truck back to the exhaust shop and they put the truck in the air and showed me all the mounts on my dual exhaust were still intact. So I did some research and found that Explorers have issues with the rear ends so I took it to a shop that specialized in differentials and the tech took it for a test drive heard the noise and I watched him slide underneath the rear end and then get out from underneath and said my rear end needs a rebuild and it would be $830 out the door and that would be all new seals and bearings. I didnt pay the money because the guy didnt even bother to look up parts or anything in the computer and just came off real sketchy. So I took it to another place that specializes in differentials who said my differential was fine but the brake hardware on the passenger rear wheel was faulty. So they recommended replacing the brake hardware on the passenger rear. I again didnt have them fix it because to me if it was the brake hardware it would make noise at all speeds not just 40 to 45mph. So I took it back to the Ford dealership and went to the actual service department not the quicklane and paid almost a hundred dollars in diag fees just for them to tell me that my rear end and cv joints and everything is in good condition and that the noise was my Superman trailer hitch cover. I removed the hitch cover and the noise is still there. I dont think its the differential because the noise is only coming from one side of the vehicle. Please offer any ideas as to what can be wrong with this truck. I would like to figure out whats going on before I invest in a set of rims. I have even put the truck in neutral when the noise comes and the noise stays and applying the brakes doesnt cause the noise to go away until it drops below 40mph. Again Im at my wits end with this issue. Thanks for any help you can offer me.

The wheel bearing is about the only moving part that has not been examined and they are common for failing so I would start there.

Is there a particular way to diganose rear wheel bearing noise? The bearing assemblies arent cheap so I want to be sure thats what it is before I go that route and replace it.