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Noise with Vibration in what sounds like the front end need some advise


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January 18, 2010
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'02 XLT 4X4 4.0L
2002 4x4 4.0L Explorer Automatic

When I get up to around 25 mph and turn my wheel slightly to the left and have a roaring type noise with a little vibration. It does the same at higher speeds. And it doesn't matter if it is 4x4 auto, 2wd or 4X4 high.

What makes the sound go away is pushing my brakes but as soon as I let off the brakes it returns.

I have heard of a vechile vibrating when the brakes a pushed but this is the backwards.

I hit the brakes and it stop as long as I hold the brakes even if I try to accelorate (sp) it will not make the noise as long as the brakes are pushed but you have to put more pressure than just riding the brakes.

I replaced the drivers side hub assembly because I thought that is where the noise was coming from but it didn't help and I don't want to keep throwing money at this problem without some input. My mechanic is stumped just as I am.

I decided to go ahead and replace the other front hub assembly and both rear hub and bearings.

Parts should be in next week. Well post on how it goes.

I was getting a slight noise/vibration with slight turns at highway speeds. Found an once of play on the drivers front wheel. Changed that hub and problem fixed. I followed up with the passenger side since these trucks tend to go through these and she had 103k.

I'm bettin yours is still up front on the passenger side. Change that first and see if you get it before tearing into the back.

That is what I planed on but I know the rear hub bearings are know to fail alot of the time.

My Explorer has 141,000 miles on it and other than the one I changed the other day they have never been touched

I do have some rear end noise which got better when I went to the heavier weight gear oil in the rear end.

If all is well after the other front hub assembly I will most likely wait until spring to do the rear ones whether they need it or not, because with 141,000 miles it can't hurt anything and I got the parts cheap enough so I decided to go ahead and buy them.