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October 13, 2004
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hillsborough, nj
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98 sport
2 things:

1) when ever im 1000 miles from changing my oil the engine when im accelerating makes a weird noise. it has something to do with my oil. i use quaker state 4x4 synthetic blend and after the oil change the noise goes away for a while. its kind of embarising when i have the rumble of an exhaust with the noise of something else (prolly the girls laughing) when i ride by anyone. should i switch to a full synthetic? or is there something else i can do?

2) when my engine is ildeing and when im stopped at red lights and stuff i have ANOTHER NOISE! cept this one is a vibration and i cant figure out what it is its sounds liek a piece of metal vibrateing. anyone know anything?

i feel im the only one with these noises anyones help will b great

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