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Noiseless High Lift Mount to Roof Basket


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August 1, 2008
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I had to get my High Lift out of the back and up on my roof basket. I went to the only 4x4 shop around and they wanted $35 for a High Lift brand mount.
Well, me being the cheapskate I am, I said, "FUHGETABOUTIT"!

I thought I could figure out a cheaper way. I was rummaging through my junk at home, and stumbled across a pair of U-Bolts I had got for my leaf springs.

HMM? What can I do with these? Than I found a set of unused rubber bushings from a set of shocks. HMM? What could I do with those?

Sooo..the thought hit me like a sledge hammer upside my noggin! A quiet set of mounts for my High Lift!

I ran the u-bolts thru the lift bar, perfect! Than I seen the metal rub on one side of the bolt against the lift bar. Looked around for some rubber hose, but I didnt have any big enough to use. So..I used some 3/8" convoluted tube. I made 2 mounts for the jack.

Here is the parts for 1 mount:

This is the U-bolt size, works perfect for the width of the holes in the lift bar, and fits the shock bushings nice.:

The shock bushings:

All assembled:

I have a Coleman roof basket, but this should work with most any roof basket with spaced bars.I tightened the nuts till I compressed the lock washer. Here is the mount attached to the basket, I didn't have it evened up in this pic, but I did later on:

Side view:

Rear view:

I will probably cut the studs down some at a later date. I thought about reversing the U-bolts, but than I wouldn't be able to reach the nuts from the ground, as it is, I am stretching a bit to reach them now. I shook the truck as hard as I could, NO NOISE! took it for a spin on some rough roads, NO NOISE!

Finally, peace of mind! Out of the cargo area, and mounted securely on top of the rig.

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Just a thought i would try to find wing nuts or something of the sort, because if you already need your jack, to lessen the stress of the situation not having the correct wrench or having to find it might be a pain in the ass. but that looks awesome, when i finally have enough lift to require a high lift jack i'll be doing this very well thought out.



Wing nuts, black paint are on the list. This idea just came to me, and I rolled with it using what I had laying around. I agree with what your saying 100% !!

Lookin good man!

Maybe a limit nut and washer installed, then put the bushings on the back side of the lift, then a washer and wing nut on the front side. Just some thoughts on simplifying the removal/reassembly.

Maybe a limit nut and washer installed, then put the bushings on the back side of the lift, then a washer and wing nut on the front side. Just some thoughts on simplifying the removal/reassembly.

Need the rubber bushings right where they are for the noise damping. It is really not that hard to remove install just the way it is. I will simplify it with wing nuts, and some rubber vac caps on the stud ends.

Thanks for the ideas tho...keep em coming!


hmm looks good, u could use a bumper :)


OK, I did a little something different with the way it is held on.

I got rid of the nuts, and replaced with steel wing nuts. These were easier to use, but where still a little tough to remove.

I went to a ton of different places hunting down a part I have seen before, but haven't for awhile. After a day of searching, I found these nice things to use.



I have them in 2 diff styles because I couldn't find 4 of either style. Worked out nice tho, I can spin the round ones down to the bottom, and use the T-bar one to tighten it down.

I removed the base because of the air drag from it. I mounted it onto the back of the basket behind the spare tire.



I used an eye bolt, 3/8"x4". A shock concave washer, stabbed from the rear, another heavy washer in the front, followed by a pass thru wheel nut.


Looks sweet man :thumbsup:

Gonna cut those bolts shorter? I would..

Where'd you find those dealies, i want some =]

Yeah, one day I will cut them shorter. The pass thru clamp nuts I found at a local Ace Hardware. I went to a couple of Ace Hardware before I found them. Lowe's, Home depot didn't have them. I got the idea from looking at my lawnmower handle. It has them, but are smaller in size. Hard to find 3/8" threading on them.

I like it.
I did something similar, using a 2 cb ant. mirror mounts and some 3/8" hardware. I wanted to find some wingnuts for the ease of removal, but I just keep a pair channel locks in the door panel.
If my computer was working I'd post pics

sorry to bring up an old thread - but heres how mine is mounted. i just welded two carriage bolts to the back bumper. i have the same roofrack as Gmanpaint but just to keep wind noise and center of gravity down i opted to mount it on the back. it sits just above the hitch and the doesnt affect the tailgate opening or use of the hitch. in the picture i have a shovel(another very handy tool when stuck!!!) bunjeed to it