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December 1, 2001
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albany ny
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'97 xlt v8 5.0
I have my 97 explorer xlt v8 5.0 automatic trnay and its making these cloncking noises when i shift from park to reverse or drive. Also when im driving slow i can hear a similiar noise, sort of like playing cards being shuffled in an empty room, and if i go beyond 45 then the noise will stop. Anyone have any ideas!

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Sounds like universal joint...... an idea of mileage might give a better guess.

I have around 97000 miles on my X now.

Yep, I'd check the u-joints. You'll have to make sure that they don't have any load on them (like being in Park might give - if you do this on the ground, block the wheels) when you check for looseness.

Be aware that u-joints can be too tight (though the symptoms are different) and the only way to check for this is to remove the driveshaft.

i used to have a simaler vibration sound in my old 92 explorer sport. it was loudest at exactly 35 miles an hour. this happened through 2 U joints. never could figure out what it was. any sugestions?