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Noisy brakes on a 2004 Explorer XLT


February 23, 2011
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'04 Ford Explorer XLT
When I bough this back in 2008 used, the brakes always squealed when I put my foot on the brake. Last summer, I got all new brakes on all 4 tires. To this day, the brakes still squeal? Would anyone know why?

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the hardware needs cleaned and lubed, the rotors probably need turned, and then use anti-squeal on the pads

Thanks! I'll give those a try.

I can't honestly answer what type of pads were installed as I am far from Mechanically inclined. I had them done at a Firestone dealer as I was originally there to get 4 new tires.

firestone explains a lot, chain shops often overlook some of the basics, a lot of times mom and pop shops are a lot more thurough