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Noisy new power steering pump (AGR)


July 21, 1999
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Houston, TX
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1994 Mazda Navajo LX 4x4
I finally got around to replacing my old noisy stock power steering pump with a new AGR unit but it's 10 times louder than the old one.

I called AGR and they said I just have air in the lines. I tried everything they recommended (and then some) to bleed it out but no luck.

Any suggestions?

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I replaced my power steering pump about a year ago. The same thing happened but it quieted down after a couple of days. It'll happen gradually though. One day, you'll just notice, "hey, my pump isn't noisey anymore." It actually said that the pump would get quiter with time in the instructions that came with my pump (don't remember who made it). But ya, I'd guess it'll quiet down.

91 Sport 4x4

on a scale of 1 to 10 how hard is it to replace the power steering pump and how much are they.

First off, my stock power steering pump had been loud the whole time I had it. It started leaking real bad so I replaced it and the pump I got from One-Stop ($65 + $30 core charge) had a tag that said it was a loud style pump, but mine is not noticeable at all.

Replacing the power steering pump is quite easy if you have a plan to take the pulley off.
1. Either take the entire housing and AC compressor off and take it to a parts store or a mechanic to pull the crappy plastic pulley off and press it on your new one and then reassemble.
2. Plan on breaking the pulley as I did trying to get it off. (you dont have to remove anything except the three bolts that holde the pump on) and have a new pulley ($22 dealer part) ready to press on. It's a little tough to press on, but possibly easier if you put a little something on the shaft.

Not a bad job unless you don't plan on breaking the pulley saturday evening and cant get a new one till Monday morning when you are supposed to be 150 miles away at school giving a speech.
Thanks for lettin me ramble and good luck.

'91 2 dr Eddie Bauer
modified air box
K&N filter

thanx for the info biggie looks like i'll be having a fun weekend i've been dying to use my tools anyway

just curious, i was thinking about upgrading my p/s pump. any recomendations on which pump is a good QUIET one to buy, and about what do they cost?

93XLT 4X4 4DR.

I have air trapped in the lines making all the noise. There is nothing wrong with the AGR pump itself.

I can definitely feel a difference over stock. Steering is effortless (1 finger turning) especially at low speeds. It will be a big help when I get bigger tires.

Cost ~$130 with core exchange...

where can i buy an agr pump?

93XLT 4X4 4DR.