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Non-Tilt Steering Column??


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February 3, 2003
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Shawnee, Kansas
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'94 Explorer XLT
I'm wondering if either the Ranger or Explorer was ever offered with a non-tilt steering column?? I have a tilt column in my Explorer right now and in a recent roll, I broke the ears off the column for the tilt mechanism. I'm thinking of puttin in a non-tilt column for the sheer fact that it'd be stronger. Did Ford ever produce an early 90s Ranger based vehicle with a non-tilt column?? I appreciate any help.


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I don't have tilt in my 93 Ranger.

And I don't have tilt in my `92 Explorer. It's a 5spd though. so it has a different 'lock out' mechanism than the Auto.


99 explorer tilt:(

Man Ryan. I have not seen a post from you on here for a loooooong time.

Thanks guys. I'm not too worried about the lock-out mechanism to be honest, b/c I have a C4 in my Explorer with a Megashifter. And Dan.... I know, I haven't posted in a long while, been busy with work, the Explorer build and modding the F-250 to make that 6.0 scream :D Thanks guys, now I know they're out there. I'm guessing they're in the XLs?