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Non working stereo


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December 29, 2009
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1997 Ford Explorer
I changed the amp location to where the stock amp and sub was. I wired everything exactly the same, just rerouted the cables all the way to the back. I finished installing everything and was working correctly. So I put the panel back and everything was set. I turned on the car to listen to the music and the stereo didnt turn on. I checked the fuses and they were all good. I removed the panel again and everything was connected correctly. All of a sudden the stereo would go on and the music would play again and a few seconds later it turned of again by itself and this kept repeating. I turned the car off and put the key in accessory mode and the stereo wouldnt turn back on. All the fuses are good and the antennae wont go up. I have no idea whats wrong with the car and its really pissing me off.

I have a 97 xlt & the original stereo with a pac-oem 2 hooked up to hook up an external amp.