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Noob ALERT!!


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June 11, 2013
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Tampa, FL
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2013 Ford Explorer XLT
Hey all...

Brand spankin' new member here.
Just sold my 2007 Jeep Wrangler and am heading out to close on my 2013 Ford Explorer XLT tomorrow...can't friggin' wait!!!

Glad to be a member and hope to get and give some insightful and informative info to the community.

Here's some photos of my old rig:


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Welcome to the forum!

Why did you decide to ditch the old rig for the new rig? The old rig was a really nice rig!

Welcome to this forum! Post pictures of the Explorer when you pick it up.

@ Joe Dirt - To be honest if I could have kept both I would have but the 2 door Jeep just became very impractical for trips and what not. My GF has a VW EOS which is equally as impractical, so I bit the bullet and unloaded the Wrangler. Did well with a private sale and made back what I payed for it and then some.

@ BB - Thanks for the welcome...see photos below.

At the Stealership:

At home (Sorry the photos are so washed out, the sun in Florida is set to 11...LOL):





That's a nice explorer.
What's the first thing you're going to do to it?

Thanks very much...I love it. This is the most "trimmed out" vehicle I have ever owned. I usually go bare bones base model and then add a few things...but this time I bought what I wanted out the door.

List of upgrades...
1.) Tint the windows.
2.) Husky Cargo Mat
3.) Cargo Rack Cross Bars and Thule Kayak Racks

...then enjoy the hell out of it.

Welcome to the Forum. It's always good to see another Florida person here. Semi-stupid question but "Are you gonna off road it or just mainly street and beach use?"

Thanks Anduiril. No nothing crazy as far as off roading...probably just some trails and beach runs. Do people mod the 5th gen Explorers for serious offroading?

Well once I get '92 up and running we'll have to go hit some trails. I'm sure some of the members of Florida Explorers (social group here and on Facebook) know of some places near us if you don't. I'm a biker and I bought my Ex (The Cage) for $250 (known bad trans) as a project vehicle but one that I'm going to have fun with (many thanks to this site).

looks real good and love the color but those chrome rims are killing me haha... congratz on the purchase tho... have fun