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Not Enough 5.8L 1st Gens


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June 20, 2008
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So I better build another. This is happening to my 91 in my sig. I just brought home a 90 F150 5.8/E4OD.

I have no use for an auto so I'll have to figure out how to make the ECM play nice. I have a T19 out of a 84 F250 460 4x4 that has the low granny I plan to use.

I still need to source a SBF bellhousing, flywheel and clutch then pick out a t-case. Worst case I can steal the Ford/Jeep NP208 hybrid I built for the 01.

Once those last few parts are accounted for I can tear into the rig. I'm a little hesitant to disable a perfectly fine running vehicle on purpose...

I know there's a few guys on here that have done them, if you care to offer any advice it would be appreciated. My biggest concern is wiring and integrating the two harnesses.

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So my first questi

So my first question is how well will the speed density system work with my existing 4.0L MAF or should I convert the 351 to MAF? I have the complete truck with the whole speed density system so I can swap it all over.

Secondly there is a Mounty at the junkyard with the headers still in place. Wondering if I should grab those?

No, those will not fit the 351w ports. The gt40p heads have a weird exhaust port bolt location. Not to mention the #3 port in the tubes is about as big as a fingertip.

Thanks. Custom it is.

I realize this motor is a tight fit and is not as easy of a swap as a 302. Since this is mostly an offroad toy at this point I'm not too concerned about keeping it stock looking or retaining the A/C (which hasn't worked since I've owned it anyway).

How am I supposed to cram that under an Explorer hood?


Well you don't have to cram all that under there. Just the middle section.;)

I don't have any advice I can give you but I am going to follow and see how it turns out.:)

The middle section is more than enough! It will be very tight fit. I'm dreading headers the most. I refuse to do a body lift like most have done. The hood will need a scoop.

Currently researching wiring. The majority of V8 swaps are 302s using the stock Explorer V8 harness. Since I have neither I have to go at differently. I was considering using the entire F150 harness and even it's gauges if I have to. Unfortunately since the donor is an auto but the Ex is a 5spd and the new trans is a T19 that creates more fun.

What would be sweet and I'm still delving into would be running the V8 on the V6 harness and just splicing in the extra bits and swapping ECM.

Another step closer to having all my parts gathered. I chose to spend a portion of my father's day in the junkyard and was rewarded with a SBF T19 bellhousing, scatter shield and manual starter. I almost took the 351 flywheel too but it needed to be resurfaced and a brand new one is only $65. I have a brand new 11" pressure plate and disc that was for a 460 that came with a parts truck but Oreilly's interchange says it will fit a 351 so I'm crossing my fingers.

I'm still undecided if I want to do the MAF conversion. I'm leaning towards leaving it SD for now until it's installed and running and I'm ready to do a cam, heads, etc. Tied into that is the truck intake, it's way too tall for to close the hood. I could convert to a GT40 lower intake and Explorer upper but that's money. A BC Broncos adapter and Mustang 5.0 upper would be cheaper but not flow too well. So I'm thinking leave the truck intake on for now and when I do a MAF conversion I'll address the intake at that time, possibly building a custom upper.

:popcorn: this could get interesting. I hope this gets finished, as a lot of projects have a great idea then get scrapped due to various reasons. I am most interested due to V8 and manual transmission.

Why not run a carburetor? If its an off road truck just rip everything out. Rewire the lights if you need to. Ignition box, coil, distributer and you should be good to roll. No computer and no 5 miles of wires

Don't worry, this one is going to be finished. It's a fairly simple swap really. I'm just waiting on a car to sell to fund this and another project.

As for a carb, I hate them, especially offroad. I aim to never have a carbed vehicle again if I can avoid it. It's bad enough I have to put up with them on my bike.

any progress? i would love to see this as i have a 87 5.8 f150 sitting across the road rusting into the ground that still turns over..

Haven't started on it yet, too busy and too cold.