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Not good water leak


February 14, 2009
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Rockport Massachusetts
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2006 Explorer Eddie Bauer
My 2005 Explorer likes to rain on me through the driver side visor hole in the headliner! After some rain when parked, it really comes in! I can't find where it is coming from!

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Do you have a sunroof?

Could be a poor install of a replacement windshield. I had a Ford Focus that they couldn't get seated and sealed correctly, TWICE.....

When it would rain, it would drip on me on the drivers side and it would soak my headliner. Not a ton of water, but a drip every few seconds.

See if you can make sure your drains are not clogged, and that your drain lines are not broken or clogged. You might find some imore detail on this Forum.

Good luck.

I have an 03 with sunroof and found the passenger side hose was completely disconnected which causes the drain water to dump directly onto the headliner. Your can pull the vinyl trim piece on the headliner and pull down to see better. There are also small gaps in the tray sealed with some sort of adhesive that dried out on mine so I am going to scrape clean and use through the roof sealant (used on shingles)