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not happy with ddm

Two weeks ago today I purchased an hid kit from ddm. After doing research and reading threads I decided to go with them. Only problem is two weeks later my lights still havent been shipped out. I sent am email and they replied and said, we have shipping processers working on it we noticed a problem a week ago. Wtf. Anyone else ever have any problems with them? I'm very anxious to get the kit so I can install them

So I got my kit today. I hooked it up what I thought was the right way but I got nothing. The online instructions from ddm suck. There is a box that comes attarcged to the ballast and I'm not sure what it is. Maybe a relay. In there instructions it does not show this at all. I have an 05 explorer xlt. I'll try and attach a picture. Input and help would be greatly appreciated. Not sure how to post pictures either. I'll try and figure it out

Turns out it was the reverse polarity. I just flipped the connector and it worked fine. Where does everyone mount the ballasts

I mounted mine way above the stock housing with super strong 3m double sided tape and then zip tied them as well. Used them for 2 years, and ballasts never moved.

Took them out one day because honestly, I knew I was blinding people. They truly are not meant to be in our cars without a retro. I have an 05 XLT as well, so you will see what I mean when you start getting flashed.

I put some good lights in low beam and fog lights, and the difference is only the color, and in fact, I get overall better light coverage than I did with the HID.

I mounted one behind the battery and the other by the air box.