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not quite 31's, yet mudders

well i just got a great deal on some buckshot mudders. 235/75 r15.:eek: still a small tire but aggresive i got the set for 60 bucks. any one have any experience w/ these. there damn loud.

Are they radial or bias? The bias tires are more for farm use and are the cheaper ones and they're loud as all hell. If they're bias, don't expect to get much more than 20k out of them. I never thought the radials were all that loud.


well they were used. 2 of em look pretty new. the other ones look more studed the guy said he used 2 use chains on them for the snow. it's evenly worn. just one lug is low then the next high?:eek: didn't even know they made then bias and radial. they sound like boggers goin down the free way.

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