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Not sure what to do with my ST

Actually never mind they're not I jumped the gun on that one. I had bought some tracs ones before but they were indeed different leaving them hanging at a slope. I'm not a big fan of them either anymore but after the lift and bigger tires my gf won't let me take em off since we always have to put our son in and another one on the way. Just ired of having to tighten them up every couple days. Sliders are in the future for me too once things get better but for now it's the stockers

Clever girl...



So I got the new tires put on today with no lift. They look great, however, the rub is HORRIBLE. I knew there would be rub, but I had no idea it would be this bad. I can make left turns with just some minor creaking, as long as they're wide. Right turns sound like there's a Velociraptor making a beeline for a scared Puma.

Should be better with the body lift, though I think I'm going to need to do a torsion twist and either use my Warrior shackles or do an add a leaf in addition.

Other than that, the performance is great. Very quiet even at speed, handle and run over the road smooth (better than the tires I had before, actually) and keep good traction in tall wet grass on top of mud. I do need to get an old school alignment though. The Hunter machine at the tire shop couldn't fit around the tires, haha. Toe feels great still, but I'm definitely over spec with some noticeable negative camber.


Had one small incident that took me a bit to figure out. Something must have knocked the metal front axle vent tube askew and it started rubbing on the front driveshaft. I thought it was brakes, and had jacked it up and ran the tire around when I finally saw it. No real damage done, but it did slightly score a ring on the driveshaft.

Engine still seems to have plenty of power with the 4.10s, but there is a noticeable decrease from stock. So I'll probably regear to 4.56 within the next two years. Braking still feels good, but I know I'm gonna be going through rotors and pads a lot faster. We'll see how the Powerstop Truck and Tow kits do when I change these out.

The big question is how much fuel mileage am I gonna lose. I'm guessing between 1.5-2 based on a 10% increase in fuel, but I'll run those numbers over the next couple weeks. I'm hoping it won't be so bad since this is still my 100 mile daily commute truck. But between fuel, brakes, hubs, and replacing tires every two years or so this is gonna be a money sucker until I can get another beater for the DD.

But even still, I wouldn't change a thing :D