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NOT the official Truckhaven thread


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October 23, 2001
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I know it's early to start talking about Truckhaven but then again the Moab thread has been going for months so i just wanted to get the ball rolling and see who all was planning to go to next yrs (Jan, 2004-MLK weekend)
Serious Explorations. Like the thread says, its not the official Truckhaven thread so not looking for any commitments, just seeing what kind of interest is out there.

There's always Truckhaven runs starting around October or so when it cools down a bit and I hope to make as many as those runs as possible provided I get my truck back in order. :(

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I'll be there :D

Whats the date for this?

January 17-18 '04, MLK Holiday weekend.

Dang still in the middle of winter. Well I guess it will have to be next yrs MOAB trip for me. I will be ready months in advance and baby the rig so I can go for sure.

I will be there for the 04 MLK weekend run. I will also keep my schedule open for all the Truckhaven pre-runs that pop up.

Hey Rick...have you ever considered sending some of the off road mags info on the Serious Explorations T-haven run to put in their upcoming events section? Just a thought. ;)