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NOTAJP goes solid 1st gen. leaves

Time to join the club. It took me almost two months to complete my project due to lag time of receiving parts, receiving the wrong parts, spending many hours at work (still at war) and tools breaking down. All were under warrenty but still... If it could go wrong, it did. Something always goes wrong with any project. I have built many rigs in the past but this SAS was the worst of my luck. Once everything was here the project went very well. So far this thing drives, tracks, and feels great. Tomorrow hopefully I'll get it out on the highway.
Here's some of the hi-lights:

Rear axle:
8.8 with 4.56 grears and Detroit locker
SOA with AAL and Rancho RS9154 shocks
ProCompStainless steel brake lines
Comming soon: Disc brakes, OME 2" springs

Front axle:
Moved forward two inches.
Dana 30 HP with 4.56 grears, open carrier
Posi-lock cable axle disconnect
SOA with Rubicon Express 1.5" leaf springs, Bomerang shackles, F250 shock towers, and RS9012 shocks.
M.O.R.E. hi-steer cross over steering with heim joints
Rancho Steering stabilizer
ProComp Stainless steel brakes lines moved for more axle drop
Comming soon: Warn alloy shafts and hubs, ARB or Ox locker

Unlimited Products fiberglass cowl induction hood
Hannamen front fiberglass fenders
Baja Concepts rear fiberglass fenders
James Duff pre-runner winch bumper, Warn XD9000i winch
Comming soon: fiberglass rollpan, CRL customs rear bumper, and paint!

JVC EL Calmelion Head Unit, Pioneer three ways up front and two ways in the rear
Uniden Classic CB
Flame gauges

stock 4.0L, 5 speed, BW 1354 all with 150k miles, one new clutch @ 100k
KKM True Rev Intake, Helix throttle body spacer, Jacobs Ignition and wires
200amp alternator, Optima Battery
17x10 American Racing Atlas polished wheels
315/70R17 (35x12.50R17) BFG All-Terrain tires. They measure a true 35" tall!
Comming soon: Center Force Duel Friction clutch, Custom front and rear driveshafts

All work was accomplished by myself

Who says you can't flex out leaf springs. I have 12.5" of wheel travel. You can see it in the pics. I started measuring for shocks on a 19* ramp. That wasn't enough (the rear tires came up the ramp before the front stoped flexing :eek:)so I used a fork lift.If I were to change anything, (and I will) I'll change the rear spring hangers. That is my binding point with the shackles. I could get a lot more flex out of those springs with different shackles and mounts. Then the price of 14" travel shocks more than tripple! maybe later...;)

You can check out some of the SAS build up pics in my gallery. Here's a few for starters:

Front spring hangers:

Rear spring hangers:

Steering and axle:

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Yeah yeah yeah..........but its cool!!! :D

Got some dirt time in on her today. Don't laugh at my fake makes me legal. :) So far all I've done is put a huge dent in the front diff cover and now the drive line squeks. Pics are boring but it'll get better after I get a front driveline done. On to the pics!!!!......


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:o :D

Forgot about these ones too....


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NOTAJP: is that cross section with holes in it that front leaf spring mounts are welded to a factory cross section of the frame?
I have a 94 Ranger that im doing a SAS to using the YJ front axle as well.
picked up one a few months back with new 4.88 Yukon gears already installed. Is there a soa kit for the D30 or is it just a new spring perch pad welded onto axle?
Are you using the 600 lb or 800 lb yYJleaf springs?
According to my local spring shop both were used in YJs depending on engine installed.
Currently I have the 8 plug 2.3L with 326,245 miles on it & still running strong. I already have 4wd 5spd & 1354 bolted up & 4wd driveline to 99 8.8 Ranger rear end.
I have a 2001 disc explorer 8.8 with new 4.88 gears & lock rite locker to be installed soon as I have 315/75/16s to be mounted.
I have a custom front bumper with a hidden 10,000 winch installed & may either installed a newer low milage 2.3L or the 151k milage 4.0 SOHC V-6 from the 2001 explorer.
Either way im thinking the 800 lb leafs would be the route to go as I could remove a leaf if needed.
Did you make or buy the angled front spring mounts & did noy s

my small dog jumped up when I wasnt finished typing & caused it to be posted.
Did not see a close up or shackle set up for front leafs. Is it REVOLVER type or standard shackles & how is the frame end set up for the rear of front leafs. Also where can I get the high steer set up for the D30 CAD axle

It been 13+ years since this thread was last updated. I do not believe he is around anymore.