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'nother Humboldt Rig

If you guys and gals don't know, I am a son of Turdle's. I am on a mission :D

I have a '98 Mounty almost like my dads. The fact is that it used to be my brother's, and its all crappy. We have been fixing it up here and there, and I'll be adding photos shortly of what we got done and whats to come. Dad says it will take awhile.

Anyways a little about myself. I am still in High School and almost 19, I run Cross Country and Track. I work at teh Pizza **** I-I mean Hut. I have long hair I will cut soon. Firefox freaks me out sometimes, I enjoy playing MMOs, I love Math and Science, but hate English, and I plan to become a great Engineer whether it be Mechanical or Chemical I haven't decided. I know some HTML and a little CSS which I am still working on in my free time. I am a member of Expertscape, so I already have a bit of foruming experience :) I shook Lane Boyer's hand. Daddyoh wants me to go eat now so I'll answer any questions you guys have :D thanks in advance for the welcomes and GL with hating :rolleyes:

EDIT also if you were wondering: My username comes from what my third cousin who had Down syndrome or something like that. Anyway, that's how he says Matthew (my real name) and I dedicate it to that.

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Welcome to this forum! We are getting invaded by the Smith family.:D What took so long to sign up? I guess you've been browsing this site for a while, so you already know us. Thanks for joining, and good luck fixing your Mountaineer. :thumbsup:


I miss my old truck. I hope I can still have the chance to take it for a spin every once in awhile...

This thread stops here--


Or, heck we'll just continue with take 2

Matt needs to make another thread. We've been messing with toxic green powdercoating--




NOTE! 2 Sport tracs in background


NOTE Puff Mounty and Ranger in background. ,Also, tannish f150 city truck

welcome! your pops is one my favorite members on the forum. he gives good accurate info and always has a good avatar pic! keep it going!

Welcome Mathalu, and I like that truck of yours.

BTW, what color of blue are those center caps? That shade pictured is beautiful, I'd love me Ranchero to be that color.

Nice looking mountie, I love the toxic look, will there be a toxic antenna as well?

next take out all the electronics and meltables and powder the entire car

Dude love this! You should check my thread out (in my signature) I have been doing one green stuff.too maybe give you an idea.
So how are you painting this stuff? Id like to paint my rims black and the. Do the hub cap mercury outlined in the green and the rest of it black like yours.

So, Matt was heading home Saturday, got about an hour away from home and called to report bad things. The truck was bucking madly and 30 mph was it. Since it was raining ice at the time that was as fast as he needed to go. so it is actually 2 hours away from home now.

I let it go for a while, decided to call him thinking all kinds of bad trnasmission, u joint hub thoughts but no answer.
He pulled off the road, using a farm's access road as a pull out, to call me back.
I suggested he check his fluids, so he got out and "clunk clunk" the doors all lock with him standing outside, in a t shirt with the keys locked in. In the middle of Kansas farm country. Ok cool.
I told him to try 911, maybe a sheriff would help out, they said "call a locksmith" click.
Nice huh?
He stood in the wet raining ice pelting crap for well over 45 minutes while I raced up there. Pretty slick roads mind you.
I finally found him blocking a farm driveway. He got into the warmed up puff wagon while I tried to fudge with the locks with a sliver of sheetmetal and wire, but it was too cold and rain was dripping all over my face so I gave up after 10 minutes.
"We have tow insurance for this crap"

I called Roy at hillside towing, and drove home. Matt's truck arrived about 1 and half hours later.

Sunday his brother Bryan came over with his special "friend" for dinner so we did no car stuff.

Today back to reality.

After the initial panic wore off we hooked up the scangauge ( the extra special gift from that extra special easter bunny, ooops, I mean secret santa;) )

Got 2 codes pointing one direction. p01309 p0340
Cam sensor all blown up. I had one "hoarded". Bouncing oil pressure gauge and bucking all fixed.

I saw the bouncing gauge, heard how it ran and was sure the oil pump had given up and the engine jumped time. Nope. The oil pressure sender had been replaced, and I somehow got the sender plugged in between the rubber and metal connection piece. Got that sorted first, and saw a stable oil pressure gauge, so we dug deeper.
Expect the worst, hope for the best. Knock on wood we got lucky this time. Thanks for all the kind vibes--I know it helped!!!

It's good to hear that you seem to have it sorted out. Does the button station not work?

Cool, as it reminds me of a midnight blue.

Well, Matt got a 2006 focus for better fuel economy while he is in school. So, this truck is for sale.

Here are recent pictures. I just threw a new EGR tube into it yesterday.







5 years ago this would be my SAS project. I cannot take anything like that on at this time though. So,

Forum member price 900.00

I have this listed at 1300.00 locally.

If you are interested in having a v8 truck to work with, this one will drive home for you.

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Hey Jon, how much rust is under that truck, the body seams, hatch, doors, radiator support etc? I've got my friend David who last Winter was wanting a better Winter truck or SUV than his old defunct 75ish F350.